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Diamond Quality

the most valued gemstones
are diamonds

The amazing findings in nature called diamonds

In the diamond industry, there are many loose diamonds available but every diamond quality is different. Diamonds are natural miracles made by nature. People have admired diamonds for a very long time. It symbolizes strength, wealth or royalty. However, a diamond is also a unique gift for the one you love. The formation of each diamond is different, therefore diamond quality can be graded excellent or poor. Depending on the grading, the value of the diamond can be high or low. Only colored diamonds have a different grading system to determine the diamond quality. The most used way to grade a diamond is the well-known 4C’s (carat, clarity, color, cut).

Grading diamond quality GIA

Grading diamond quality

Grading diamond quality is different for colored diamonds or colorless diamonds. Because colorless diamonds are graded valuable if the color is not there. But a colored diamond is more valuable if the color is very intense. Thus, diamond quality depends on the way they are graded and the type of diamond.

Grading of colored diamonds
The diamond quality of a colored diamond is graded by looking at the hue, saturation, tone and distribution. The hue of a diamond refers to the dominant color in the diamond that can be seen face on. These colors can be pink, yellow, blue, green or red. The saturation of a colored diamond describes the strength/intensity of the color in the hue color. This can be faint or very intensive. Diamond quality of a colored diamond is also distribution, or how evenly color is spread in the diamond. In addition, the tone of a diamond sets diamond quality. Tone represents how light or dark a diamond can appear. Thus, if the distribution, saturation, hue and tone is graded high, diamond quality of the colored diamond is good.

Grading of colorless diamonds
Colorless diamonds are graded in a very different way than colored diamonds. Colorless diamonds are more valuable if there is no color in the diamond. In a GIA certificate a colorless diamond will be graded as D color which means colorless. However, diamond quality for colorless diamonds is mainly graded by the popular 4Cs. Thus, carat, clarity, cut and color can determine diamond quality together with some other factors.

  • Carat, the unit of weight of the diamond not the size.
  • Clarity, the number of inclusions (internal objects) and blemishes (external marks) of a diamond. The less inclusions and blemishes the higher the diamond quality
  • Cut, the proportions and finishing of the diamond. The better the cut, the better it can bend the light towards the center and afterwards reflect back through the top.
  • Color, the ideal color is no color in the body of the diamond.

Purchasing a diamond with quality

Since all diamonds have another diamond quality it is important to inform yourself on the grading basics. Because buying a diamond can be a true investment since the value of a diamond is fixed and will only grow with the years. Therefore we strongly advise to buy diamonds with a GIA certificate because this will clearly show what the diamond quality is. If you want your search to be more comfortable you can choose to have help from a wholesale diamond expert. These wholesale diamond experts can help you find a loose diamond with GIA certificate of wholesale price. Fill in a free quote to be linked to one of our diamond experts.


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