Diamond Registry Price Lists, Buy/Sell Loose Diamonds, and Wholesale Diamonds

Get Quality Diamonds At Wholesale Prices,
Not At Loose Diamond Prices

It is a known fact that diamond is one of the most costly natural stones available on earth. Its usability in diversified fields makes it even more expensive. To add to this the commission of the middlemen involved in trading these from uncut to polish cut ones increases the cost of a diamond twofold. This is the reason why the loose diamond prices have sky rocketed in recent years.

How To Avoid Loose Diamond Prices
And Get Good Quality Diamonds At Wholesale Prices

It is most frequently asked question that how one can get diamonds at a wholesale price. The answer is simple. Buy from sourcing wholesalers, manufacturers and cutters without any middlemen. The cutting costs of a diamond are unavoidable, but the commission of the middlemen certainly is. All this qualities are possessed by us as we eliminate the additional margin and commission of the intermediaries thereby bringing the cost of diamond down and affordable. Be it round diamond price, princess cut diamond price, Emerald cut diamond price, engagement rings or a diamond necklace each and every item will be available at wholesale price due to the absence of middlemen.


By opting to get your diamonds from sourcing wholesalers, manufacturers and cutters without intermediaries the following benefits can be availed by you:

  • You have the access to the biggest inventory of the world including wholesaler, manufacturer and the cutter themselves
  • No need of any unwanted research on the net which is full of bogus results
  • Save as much as 50-200% of theintermediaries costs
  • The transactions are very confidential and safe
  • Appointments can be made when the offer suits you the best which means no wastage of your time
  • Last but not the least, all the diamonds distributed by us are certified by GIA

Benefits of wholesale diamonds pricing cannot be summarized as they are too many. Why to go for loose diamond prices when you can get authentic and quality diamonds at a wholesale price?

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