High Round Cut Diamond Prices
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High Round Cut Diamond Prices

Although Diamonds have been cut since the middle ages, it is only in the 20th Century with the introduction of lasers that there has been such a variety of cuts available. One of these recent cuts is known as the modern round cut and the round cut diamond prices are probably the highest as they are perhaps universally known as the best cut. When it comes to Diamonds there are four factors that have to be taken into consideration and these are known as the four C’s, they are Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut and each of these C’s can affect the Diamond price, so how does it affect the high round cut diamond prices.

The Carat is basically the weight, clarity and color speak for themselves and the cut is the term used for the way that the Diamond is cut. The Diamond is cut prior to polishing and the cut will depend a lot on the shape of the original rough Diamond. One of the reasons for the round cut diamond prices is that although the cut shows off the diamond at its best, 50% of the original rough diamond is lost in the process and this obviously results in a loss in weight of the diamond.

Round Cut Diamond Style

The cut of a diamond, regardless of what the cut’s name is, refers more to the style than the shape and means that round cut diamonds are not actually round. A cut consists of the way a diamond is cut and the number of facets it has. The facets dictate how light enters and exits the diamond and this in turn decides how bright the diamond appears. Despite the round cut diamonds prices it still remains the favorite cut to most experts, although a newer cut, the Princess Cut, is gaining popularity as it is almost the perfect cut for an engagement ring, it still hasn’t matched the popularity of the round cut diamond. Even if the round cut became less popular, because of the amount of rough diamond that has to be lost to the specific cut, the round cut diamond prices will probably still remain high.

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