Different types of square looking cut diamond
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Different types of square looking cut diamond

Round diamonds are the most popular diamonds that are bought around the world. Diamonds that have an oval or triangular cut are also popular in the diamond jewelry market. However, square diamond cuts are fast becoming an alternative to the round and oval cut diamonds. Let us have a look at the commonly used square cut diamonds of today.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is the most popular diamond cut after the round brilliant cut. Princess cut diamonds are available in both rectangle and square shape and are used extensively in rings. These stones have good brilliance and this helps them to cover the inclusions and yellow tints in the diamond to an extent.

Cushion Cut

Rounded corners and sides characterize the cushion cut diamonds. They are available in rectangle and square shape and have a pillow like appearance.

Emerald Cut

The type of cut in an emerald cut is the 'step cut'. This cut is generally rectangle in shape, but square emerald cut diamonds can also be found. This cut is not a brilliant cut and therefore it will not have brilliance and sparkle as that of a princess, radiant or cushion cut. Most of the facets of the stone will run parallel to each other or to the girdle.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond looks very similar to an emerald cut. The cut in the radiant cut diamond is a mixed cut, unlike the step cut in the emerald cut.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cut is simply a square version of the Emerald cut. Except for the difference in the outline, emerald and asscher cut diamonds are virtually identical.

Baguette Cut

This is primarily a rectangle shaped cut, but you can find stones that look almost like a square. The baguette cut does not have truncated corners like the asscher or emerald cut.

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