Which ring setting is best for an oval diamond?
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Which ring setting is best for an oval diamond?

Oval diamonds look very similar to round diamonds in appearance. They may not be as popular as round diamonds, but they are cheaper. Oval diamonds are commonly found in diamonds rings, especially the rings that are worn by people with long fingers. The setting of the diamond has a lot to do with the final look of the ring. Picking the right setting for your ring is very important as it can affect the cost and appearance of the ring. Let us look at the popular ring settings that are used for Oval diamonds.

The two most popular settings that are used for Oval diamonds are bezel and prong settings. Let us analyze both the settings to give you a better idea on which setting is the best for your ring.

Prong setting

Prong settings are popularly used for all kinds of diamonds as this setting gives maximum visibility to the diamond. However, the downside to is that a large portion of the diamond that is exposed is vulnerable to chips and cracks through accidental contact. Some type of prongs can be soft and therefore will bend easily. This can result in loosening of grip of the prongs thereby increasing the chance of the diamond falling off.

The popular prong settings used for oval diamonds are the 4-prong and 6-prong setting. 4-prong setting will be cheaper and give more exposure to the stone. However, they are not as safe as 6-prong setting, which will have additional prongs to support the stone.

Bezel setting

Bezel setting is one of the safest diamond settings in use today. In this setting, the oval diamond is held in place with the help of a band that encircles it from all sides. This ensures maximum safety for the stone. However, the disadvantage of this setting is that most of the diamond will be covered and this can prevent light from entering the oval diamond. This can reduce the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Two types of bezel settings are used - full and partial bezel settings. In the partial bezel setting only half of the stone is encircle by a metal band.

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