Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions
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Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions

People often look for diamonds with an ideal cut for their jewelry. However, what is an ideal cut diamond? Ideal cut diamonds are those stones that have proportions that will allow the diamond to retain and reflect most of the light that enters it. This will maximize sparkle and brilliance of the stone and therefore, make the stone look bright. To identify if the diamond has an ideal cut, one will have to look into the proportions of the stone.

If you think that there is a uniform definition for ideal cut, you are wrong. There is no universal agreement on what the proportions of an ideal cut diamond is. You can find more than six standards that list out the measurement of an ideal cut diamond. The commonly used standards are the Scandinavian Standard, the Practical Fine Cut from Europe and the American Standard from the US.

Proportions of Ideal cut diamonds

Even though, there are many standards that exist for the proportions of an ideal cut diamond, their values do not differ significantly. The measurements listed below are ranges that include the standards set by the most widely used standards.

Table diameter – This is the diameter of the flat top of the diamond. The table diameter of an ideal cut diamond has to be between 53 and 57.5 percent. Pavilion depth – The pavilion depth is the vertical distance between the girdle and the bottom of the diamond. For an ideal cut diamond, the pavilion depth has to be between 43.1 and 43.2 percent. Crown height – Crown height is the distance between the top of the diamond and the girdle. The crown height for an ideal cut diamond is about 14.4 to 16.2 percent. You can find these proportions in the grading report of the diamond, which will make it easier for you to identify if the diamond has an ideal cut.

  • If you want to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices, you should have some knowledge about diamonds
  • You can find articles and information regarding diamonds all over the internet and by reading these articles, you should be able to get a basic idea on what to look for in diamonds
  • The quality of a diamond is graded based on the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat.
  • You should have an idea about which color grade, and clarity grade, is best suited for a diamond of a particular cut and carat
  • Some cuts allow for stones that are of a lower clarity and color grade, which is an effective way to save money

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