Emerald cut - Choosing an emerald cut diamond
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Emerald cut - Choosing an emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamonds may look rectangular, but they are actually octagonal in shape. This cut is not as popular as the round cut and therefore tends to be less expensive when compared to round cut diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds, are not as brilliant as round diamonds. The facets of these stones are not arranged to reflect and bend the light as well as round diamonds. The lack of brilliance will therefore not conceal flaws in the diamond. Any inclusions or yellow tints in emerald cut diamonds will be more visible when compared to that of round diamonds.

Quality of emerald cut diamonds

The GIA does not grade emerald cut diamonds on the cut quality. If you look at the certificate of these stones, you will only find details about the polish and symmetry of the diamonds. Experts feel that the total depth of a good emerald cut diamond has to be around 60 to 70 percent of the width. A stone with a lower depth percentage will be preferable, as it will make the stone look larger.

Color of Emerald Cut

It is a good option to avoid stones that are below the H color grade. As emerald cut diamonds lack brilliance, you will have to opt for a higher color grade stone when compared to that of a round diamond. Color grades as low as I and J will look more like a tinted diamond.

Clarity of Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds lack brilliance and therefore any inclusions will be seen more prominently. This puts a lot of emphasis on the clarity of these stones. Opt for emerald cut diamonds that are not below the VS grade. Stones of Sl1 and Sl2 grade will show the inclusions and therefore is better avoided.

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