Tips to evaluate the color of Red diamonds
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Tips to evaluate the color of Red diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the most sought after colored stones in the world. These diamonds are very rare and expensive. In fact, it is the most expensive and rarest fancy color diamonds in the world. The red color in the diamond is due to chemical impurities and structural abnormalities present in the diamond. Most of the natural red diamonds are mined from Brazil and Australia. As red diamonds are expensive, you need to be very careful while buying them. It is important to evaluate the diamonds properly before buying them. We have provided you with a few tips on how to evaluate the color of a red diamonds.

Evaluate Red diamonds

Red diamonds are graded like colorless diamonds. The color, clarity, cut and carat of the diamonds are taken into consideration while grading red diamonds. However, in red diamonds, more importance is given to color while evaluating them.

• Color

The purity of the hue, tone, intensity and evenness of the color are parameters used to evaluate the color of red diamonds. The color grades of red diamonds range from Faint Red to Fancy Deep Red, similar to other colored diamonds.

• Hue

Primarily, the hue of the red diamonds is red. However, it secondary hues such as brown, orange, and purple can also be found in some diamonds. Diamonds that are devoid of secondary hues are the most valuable red diamonds.

• Intensity

The most important characteristic of a red diamond is the intensity of its color. The greater the saturation or intensity of the color, the more valuable the stone is.

• Tone

The tone of a colored diamond refers to how dark the color of the diamond is. This characteristic is often of secondary importance because the tone of a diamond is a personal choice of the buyer.

• Color distribution

The evenness of the hue color plays an important role in the price of the red diamond. If the diamond does not have any noticeable lighter and darker spots of color, it will be valued a lot more when compared to stones that have uneven distribution of color.

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