Tips to help while buying jewelry in New York’s Diamond District
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Tips to help while buying jewelry in New York’s Diamond District

The Diamond District or Diamond and Jewelry way of New York is very famous. This is located on the 47th Street in NYC, between the 5th and 6th Avenues. This is the place where you can find almost any type of jewelry for your needs. United States is one of the largest consumers of diamonds across the globe. Almost 90 percent of the diamonds that comes to the United States comes through New York. Many people may not be aware of it, but New York is the most important hub for diamonds in the US. Most diamonds that enter the USA pass through the Diamond District of NYC. This small area has more than 2600 diamond businesses. Most of the businesses can be found in the 25 jewelry exchanges that are located in the street.

The Diamond District of New York caters to whole and retail clients. However, if you are looking to get the best out of shopping at New York’s Diamond District, you will have to do some research and follow the tips that we have listed below.

Tips for shopping at Diamond Way

• Be aware of ‘hawkers’ who line the streets trying to entice you to buy jewelry or diamonds from particular shops. These hawkers work on commissions and therefore the price or the quality can be compromised if the hawker is introducing you to the seller. • The shops that are located close to New York’s Fifth Avenue have been known to be pricier when compared to the shops located near the Sixth Avenue. • Always ask for a detailed invoice from the seller. • Ensure that the seller lists all the claims and assurances made by him to allow for an upper hand in disputes that might occur. Do not be satisfied by oral claims. Ask the seller to provide you with the list of his claims and assurances.

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