Safe diamond engagement ring settings
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Safe diamond engagement ring settings

An engagement ring is a very important piece of jewelry. To make the engagement ring a special one, people often opt for diamond engagement rings. It is a known fact that diamonds are expensive stones. Care has to be taken while wearing and handling diamond jewelry to ensure that the diamonds in the ring do not come out of their setting. You would not want to lose the diamonds in your engagement ring, just because you have selected a ring that has a very poor and fragile diamond setting.

Popular diamond setting

One of the most popular settings used in diamond rings is the prong setting. This setting allows for the girdle of the diamond to be exposed and this enhances the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond engagement ring. Prong settings are considerable inexpensive when compared to the other settings and this has made it a very popular choice. However, a prong setting makes the diamond vulnerable to chipping and scratching, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

Safe diamond settings

Bezel setting

Bezel setting is the second most popular diamond setting. A bezel setting will have a band of metal that surrounds and secures the diamond in place. This setting will envelop the girdle and pavilion of the diamond completely, which protects the edges of the diamond engagement ring. However, this setting can reduce the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond as light will not be able to pass through the diamond easily.

Semi bezel setting

As the name suggests, semi bezel setting is very similar to bezel setting, with an exception that the diamond is not completely surrounded by the metal band. Two partial metal bands are places on two sides of the diamond securing it in place and allowing the light to pass through the diamond.

Other safer diamond settings

Some of the other diamond settings that are considered safe for your diamond engagement rings are Flush setting, Channel Setting and Invisible setting.

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