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Princess cut - Tips to buy princess cut diamonds

Princess cut is the second most sought after diamond cut in the world. It comes second only to the most popular round cut in popularity. The princess cut diamonds will have a square shape when you look at it from above. These diamonds are extremely popular among people who are looking for an engagement or wedding ring. Just as in any diamond, you need to look for a few things while buying a princess cut diamond. In this post, we have provided you with a few tips that will be helpful to you while buying a princess cut diamond.

Price of princess cut diamonds

The price of princess cut diamonds is less when compared to that of the popular round diamonds. Therefore, you may be able to buy bigger carat diamonds for the same price.

Clarity of princess cut diamonds

Princess cut diamonds usually have a decent amount of sparkle and brilliance. This allows the diamond’s inclusions to be less visible. The round cut diamonds have the most sparkle and brilliance with the princess cut in second. As princess cut diamonds, with clarity that is less than Sl1 is very rare, the best option for you would be to focus on princess cut diamonds with VS1, VS2 and Sl1 clarity grades.

Color of princess cut diamonds

Avoid princess cut diamonds that have a visible yellow tint. In round diamonds, even J and K color graded stones can look colorless. However, in the case of princess cut diamonds, do not opt for a diamond that has a grade lower than I color grade. Opting for princess cut diamonds with a higher color grade such as D, E or F may not be a great idea as you will not be able to see any noticeable difference in color as you move up the grades in princess cut diamonds.

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