Should you buy black diamonds?
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Should you buy black diamonds?

Whenever we think about diamonds, we would imagine a white sparkling stone that is brilliant and sparkling. Have you heard about black diamonds’? Are you aware that black diamonds’ exist? The fact is that, they are as real as white diamonds, but are rare. That is why you do not get to see many black diamonds in the market. You can find black colored diamonds in which the color has been artificially changed to black. However, black diamonds’ do occur naturally and we will be discussing on their characteristics and on whether it is a good option to buy black diamonds.

Natural Black diamonds

Natural black diamonds are also known as ‘carbonado’. They are found only in Africa and Brazil. Even though, black diamonds and white diamonds have the same chemical composition, their crystal structures differ. This causes the difference in color. You can find various hypotheses about how black diamonds are formed. Some say that these diamonds have come from space while some believe that they are formed within the earth due to high pressure.

Are they low quality stones?

To, many people, black diamonds are stones that have many inclusions and therefore they look black. The fact is that the color of the diamond is due to the unique structure of the stone, which absorbs most of the light that enters the stone. As there is very less reflection, the diamond looks black. Almost all black diamonds will have a low clarity grade, due to their structure and color. However, one should remember that the guidelines used to rate white diamonds are not applicable for white diamonds. Therefore, using the term low quality for black diamonds is not meaningful.

Is buying black diamonds, a good option

The decision to buy black diamonds is purely a personal decision. These stones will not be brilliant or sparkle like white diamonds. If you are looking for something interesting and exotic, you can opt for black diamonds. They are cheaper than white diamonds and will be a good option if you are looking to add a black stone to your jewelry collection.

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