Baguette Cut - Buying a baguette cut diamond
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Baguette Cut - Buying a baguette cut diamond

The use of baguette cut diamonds is less when compared to that of round diamonds. However, these diamonds have found a place in the jewelry market as they are a lot cheaper than the round and emerald cut diamonds. The baguette cut diamonds are rectangular and have step cuts similar to that of the emerald cut. This cut generally will have 24 facets and the parallel facets are arranged to look like a terrace. It is possible to find smaller carat weights of baguette cut diamonds when compared to the other cuts and therefore the cost factor is generally low.

Baguette cut Diamonds used on sides

Baguette cut diamonds color

The brilliance of baguette cut diamonds is less when compared to the round diamond and therefore any difference in color will be more prominent when compared to other cuts. Lower color grade stones will have a yellow tint and therefore it is a good option to pick stones that have a near colorless grade.

Baguette cut diamonds clarity

The lack of brilliance will have a prominent effect on the clarity of the stone. Inclusions and flaws in the diamond will be visible more in these diamonds when compared to diamonds of other cuts. It is therefore better to buy baguette cut diamonds that have a high clarity grade.

Baguette cut diamonds proportions

The ideal cut proportions for this cut is not standard as in other step cut diamond. Opt for stones that are shallow as these stones will look larger for the price you pay. Depth of the stone is not an issue, as this cut is not focused on brilliance.

Baguette cut diamonds are usually bought for their luster and not for their brilliance or sparkle. These stones are commonly used as diamond accents or side stones. If you are using these stones as side stones, ensure that you match the color of the center diamond with these stones, to not compromise on the look for the jewelry.

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