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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings:
Great Value For A Less Price

There is no denying of the fact that an engagement ring is one of the most sensitive things of human life and a lot of emotion is attached with it too. This is the reason why engagement rings’ price is often high. As an engagement ring is of prime importance everyone wants it to look beautiful and considerably decent in size. But diamond being an expensive natural stone makes even a ring with a 2 carat round cut diamond, too costly. This is the reason why emerald cut engagement rings are the best choice as they are comparatively less priced with a decent size. In this post we will discuss the main reasons which make these rings cheaper.

Why Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Are Cheaper
Than The Round Cut Diamond Rings

Market is witnessing an increase in sales of diamond rings with various cuts. Previously only round cut diamonds were in demand. The main reason behind is the low cost of the emerald cut engagement rings. And the reasons why they are priced less are:

  • Emerald cut loses less material than cutting it into round
  • A piece of rough diamond can produce a 2 carat emerald cut but only 1.5 carat of round can be made which shows the material loss is less in the case of emerald cuts making emerald cut diamonds price less
  • Though they look beautiful but the glitter of emerald cut diamond is less than the round cut ones making them a little cheap

The above clearly shows that the low cost of emerald cut engagement rings has nothing to do with the quality of the diamond. But it is the cut which loses less material bringing the emerald cut diamond price down. This is the reason why engagement rings price fitted with these diamonds are less too. :

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