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Get to know diamond prices closer to the natural source

In one of the greatest cities in the world it can be hard to see through the different diamond price tags in Hong Kong. Diamond prices could appear better than they really are, unless the price is from a diamond bought closer to the natural source. Because buying closer to the natural source should save the diamond buyer all the overhead costs. But remember a diamond symbolizes a love that last forever no matter if it is closer or further away from the natural source. For every diamond purchase now or in the future, in Hong Kong or else where it is possible to save money on diamonds by keeping these basic tips in mind.

Stick to the general diamond factors that really matter in making a price difference

This also applies to the diamond price in Hong Kong. Take for example, the fact that whole carat numbers drastically increase the diamond price. By choosing a diamond just below the whole carat can save up in diamond prices. When you do not know about this general factor you would be choosing a 3.1- carat diamond which is much more expensive than a 2.9-carat diamond, yet looks almost the same in appearance. Find out more money saving factors you need to know in the whole guide.

Avoid jewelry and diamond retailers by going directly to the source

gia certified diamondsIn the dynamic city of Hong Kong going directly to the source is not as popular yet but is rising. The diamond price in Hong Kong by going directly to the source can save the buyers up to 50% by cutting out the middleman and overhead costs. Any individual like you or me is able to purchase a loose diamond from a diamond wholesaler like any professional does. These loose diamonds at wholesalers are closer to the source and yes, the quality of these loose diamonds are nothing less than those in the high-end stores. Those diamonds are even from the same place! However, no individual shall be allowed to buy directly from a factory (cutters) as the diamond industry is very preserved, the diamond wholesaler shall be the closest source you can access.


Since one of the basic tips to keep in mind while buying a diamond in Hong Kong or elsewhere is going closer to the source it is smart to head to one, which can access worldwide diamond inventories. Because then you do not only minimalize the overhead cost, you can even pick the exact diamond you have in mind for the lowest price on the global diamond market. Maximizing your savings by minimalizing the cost!

Download the detailed guide “The only proven way to save on Diamonds” and become an expert when it comes to buying a diamond and understand the diamond price in Hong Kong.

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