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Diamond jewelry for any occasion

10 carat emerald cut engagement ringThere is a wide variety of diamond jewelry, all fit for different occasions, all with a different look and feel. Diamond jewelry comes in many forms such as diamond rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings and so forth. There are even different type of diamond rings such as diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and each can have a different design such as antique or vintage rings. However, it is the center diamond that really makes your ring. A 3 carat princess cut diamond set in a yellow gold ring is entirely different than a 5 carat cushion cut diamond set in a vintage ring design.

Creating unique diamond jewelry

3 carat emerald cut engagement ringThe Diamond Registry offers you the unique opportunity to become your own jeweler, by sourcing loose diamonds yourself and having our jewelers create unique diamond jewelry based on your ideas and sketches. Through our wholesale diamond sourcing service and all-round jewelry services, you will create bespoke jewelry that is exactly as you want it to be, even in the finest details. With decades of experience, our jewelers are highly experienced in creating the finest diamond jewelry. Our diamond sourcing services enables you to source loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This means that through us, you gain access to buying avenues used in the industry such as diamond suppliers, merchants and cutters.

How to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices

Established in 1961, The Diamond Registry is the primary source of diamond information that offers a platform for traders, suppliers and the public to locate loose diamonds from all over the world. Through our wholesale diamond sourcing service, you gain access to the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds of any size and shape. Whether you’re looking for a 2 carat cushion cut or a 10 carat diamond for your diamond jewelry, we have always succeeded in finding the perfect diamond for our clients. Ask for a free quote to receive the accurate price for your diamond based on today’s diamond wholesale market.



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