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   Each loose diamond has a different appearance, get to know what is important to ensure your great sparkle!
Buying a diamond in Hong Kong can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be if you are well informed. There are many kinds of loose diamonds that each have a different appearance due to the important 4Cs which stands for color, clarity, carat and cut. By understanding what makes a loose diamond sparkle that bright, you are able to purchase a good diamond for your ring, necklace, bracelet or other diamond jewelry piece. After knowing what kind of loose diamonds have great appearance, the 3 step guide also includes where to head to in Hong Kong to save up to 50% in diamond price, awesome right?

Step 1: Get to understand the basics of grading a loose diamond

Understanding a loose diamond will not only give you more insight into what kind of diamond you prefer, but also explain what kind of diamond appearances and quality you are buying- because each loose diamond has a different appearance due to its color, cut, clarity or carat size. These 4 factors are called the 4Cs, which determine the value and quality of the diamond. So let’s start to understand the basics on grading a loose diamond.

Diamond's Color

The color of the diamond is a very important diamond characteristic and by many considered as the C that determines the value of a diamond. The ideal color is the absence of body color (colorless) in the loose diamond, except for fancy colored diamonds that come in colors as yellow, blue, pink, green, purple, brown, black or very rare red. These are more valued by their color intensity. By using the universally used Gemological Institute of America (GIA) color grading scale the diamonds are categorized by color. The color scale starts with the letter D that represents the rarest and most desirable color for a diamond, which is colorless. Then the scale descends from letter D to letter Z, which stands for diamonds with a slight hint of yellow or brown. So if it comes to diamond color, D is the highest grade and Z the lowest.

Diamond's Clarity

The degree of flawlessness is called clarity in the diamond industry. The clarity of a loose diamond is graded by its imperfections internal and external. The internal imperfections are called inclusions and external marks are blemishes. These inclusions or blemishes are Mother Nature’s fingerprint on the loose diamond making every diamond unique. However, the most desirable diamond clarity is flawless, which means that even with a 10x magnification you will not see any inclusions or blemishes. The GIA grading system for clarity starts at:
• FL (flawless) – no inclusions or blemishes of any sort visible for a skilled grader using a 10x magnification
• IF (internally flawless) – No inclusions and only blemishes that are visible to a skilled grader using a 10x magnification
• VVS1 & VVS2 (very, very slightly included) – inclusions are in the loose diamond but very difficult for a skilled grader to see using a 10x magnification
• VS1 & VS2 (very slightly included) – inclusions are clearly visible under 10x magnification but can be characterized as minor inclusions
• SI1 & SI2 (slightly included – (inclusions are noticeable to a skilled grader using a 10x magnification
• I1,I2 & I3 (imperfect) – inclusions are obvious under a 10x magnification and may affect the transparency and brilliance of the diamond


Diamond's Carat

Carat is the unit of weight of the diamond, not the size.. When looking at carat, it is the most obvious factor to determine the value of the diamond since you easily see the difference. But the carat size is not the determining factor, it is one of the 4Cs that makes the value of the loose diamond. Therefore, remember the carat weight does not affect the value of the diamonds proportionately. A larger stone that is more imperfect is thus not more expensive.

Diamond's Cut

The cut of the loose diamond is the only C that is controlled hand as the other three Cs are determined by Mother Nature. The cut can be referred back to the shape of the diamond but also on the way it has been cut. For example, the diamond can be cut in an excellent way that has a great appearance due to the breathtaking way the light reflects back from the diamond. So for cut you can think in terms on how well the diamond is cut or in which shape it is cut.

For how well the diamond is cut, the diamond industry uses the terms “poor” and “excellent” based on how well the diamond reflects the light (brilliance), dispersion of light into colors of the spectrum (fire) and the flashes of light or sparkle when the diamond moves (scintillation). In addition, a well cut diamond is more than brilliance, fire and scintillation, it is also about the proportions, symmetry of the diamond and how it is polished. If all these facets of the cut of the diamond are excellent you will have a diamond that sparkles very bright!

The cut can also be referred to diamond shapes, such as princess cut, oval cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, Asscher cut or round cut. For more information about the diamond shapes click here

Step 2: Matching the loose diamonds with your needs and preferences

After understanding the basics of a loose diamond you are able to separate the better graded diamonds from the less positive graded ones, but you’re not there yet if you are still doubting what kind of loose diamond you like.

Which diamond shape and what diamond characteristics do you find important? These questions are crucial in this second step. Ask yourself the following before taking a look at loose diamonds otherwise you can get lost and overwhelmed:

• Do you like more squarish or roundish diamond shapes?
• Do you prefer to have longer line facets or shorter line facets?
• Do you prefer carat size or diamond quality?
• What is your minimum grade for color, clarity?

Step 3: Where to buy that perfect sparkle to get the most bling for your buck!

Congratulations, you have a good idea of what kind of diamond will fit your needs and preferences! Meaning you have already ensured yourself in buying the perfect sparkle based on grading, needs and preferences. But where to buy that perfect sparkle while saving up to 50% and thus getting the most bling for your buck? The answer, turn to diamond wholesale diamonds that are sourced directly from the source. These loose diamonds are from same source and quality as diamonds you’d find in high-end stores in the main streets if you are not planning on buying it wholesale. Because the loose wholesale diamonds are distributed to the professionals that sell it later to the public. However, now it is possible for the public to purchase wholesale loose diamonds and cut out the middleman and many overhead costs such as retail cost resulting in saving up to 50% in diamond price. In addition, the variation of loose diamond shapes, color, sizes and grading is enormous compared to retail shops since a diamond wholesaler is able to source directly from the global diamond inventory which is the direct source where finished diamonds gather.

The Diamond Registry is a diamond wholesaler that essentially supplies loose wholesale diamonds to the diamond suppliers in Hong Kong and has opened its doors to the public. The Registry is located in the heart of Hong Kong, Central. It is the most comprehensive diamond information platform since 1961. With clients all over the globe and another headquarters in popular New York, they ship all kinds of loose wholesale diamonds over the globe. Therefore it is no issue for the Diamond Registry to ship that perfect diamond you want free of charge and without any commitment. Feel free to walk in or give them a call to find out what kind of wholesale loose diamonds fit your needs and preferences. And view, hold and feel the diamond to experience love at first sight.

Hopefully this 3 step guide has helped you to buy a diamond in Hong Kong while focusing on the loose diamond since it is the major part of a diamond jewelry piece. Good luck! And for the ones who would like propose with the right engagement ring soon : The must read engagement rings in Hong Kong tip.

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