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Finding the ideal diamond in the glamorous Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a true diamond heaven

Hong Kong is one of the most modern cities in Asia and often nicknamed the New York of Asia. While the similarity has more to do with role as the financial center of Asia, it is also true for the buzzing diamond jewelry scene found in both cities. You’ll find jewelry and diamond stores on almost every main street, perhaps even several right next to each other. And the stores are always packed. In Diamond HK, you never have to go far to find shiny diamonds and diamond jewelry luring you from afar. And the best part is, due to significant tax benefits, you’ll find diamonds in Hong Kong are a lot cheaper than in most other countries. But even still, like in any other country, there are ways to find diamond prices that are even better than what you see in the big brand jewelry stores. In fact, you’ll see that there is a little hidden gem in diamond HK that can get you the ideal diamonds and truly amazing prices.

A hidden gem in the HK diamond scene – the best prices

diamond hkThere is a way to find an even better deal on diamond prices in Hong Kong, right in the heart of the city in Central. On Chiu Lung Street you’ll find Diamond Registry, the one-stop shop for all things diamonds. Whether you want to educate yourself more on diamonds (like learning about the different shapes or how to read GIA certificates), buy loose diamonds as an investment or buy diamond jewelry…Diamond Registry has the people and the experience to help you. For over 50 years, the Diamond Registry has helped clients all over the world find diamonds large and small, colored and colorless. Because the diamond scene is so big in Hong Kong, you can practically find any type of diamond in HK. But you need to know your way around in the industry to really be able to strike the best deal, and that’s where Diamond Registry comes in.

Instant access to the heart of HK diamond industry

Diamond Registry originally started out as a diamond industry newsletter in 1961, and was the first public source of wholesale diamond prices on which the industry came to rely on. Over time, it grew its network in the wholesale diamond industry and became an important part of the global trade. In 1997, foreseeing a trend, Diamond Registry established itself as the first online source of diamond information and purchasing advice – making wholesale diamond price instantly available to the whole world. Today it caters to many different clients globally with offices in New York and Hong Kong, providing people with wholesale loose diamonds found closer to the source. This means that through their HK diamond network, and the global diamond network, they are able to find any type of diamond you wish to buy. No matter if you know exactly what you want, have a little bit of an idea, or are still finding out what you like…you are sure to find the best diamond price and advice with Diamond Registry. And it all starts with asking for a free quote through their website, calling into one of their offices, or simply walking into the office.

Diamond Registry
6/F, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong,
Hong kong,
Phone: 2116 5311



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