Diamond grades
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Diamond grades

The 4Cs determining the diamond price

Diamond grades: for quality and value

Every diamond, whether you’re talking about loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, is graded by grading experts to determine the intrinsic qualities of the diamond. The quality features of a diamond is essential to establishing its value and ultimately to set diamond prices. There are a number of labs that assess loose diamonds and allocate diamond grades. However, it is agreed upon by the diamond industry that the absolute number one diamond grading lab is the GIA. GIA certificates are by far the most accurate when it comes to diamond grades, their standards are considered to be the strictest and their expertise is valued by all diamond professionals.

What you can see on a diamond certificate

Regardless of which diamond grading issues the certificate, all certificates will cover a number of basic quality features. The GIA has developed a number of diamond grades, or diamond grading scales, and identified key quality features to effectively convey the gem’s intrinsic qualities.

This has resulted in what is referred to as the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Each “C” is separately assessed and graded and the result is stated on the certificate.

  • Carat weight is stated to the second decimal place,
  • Coloris graded from D (colorless) to Z (hint of yellow),
  • Clarity diamond grades range from Flawless to SI2 (slightly included)
  • Cut grade ranges from Excellent to poor

Other information besides diamond grades on the certificate include the diamond shape measurements, fluorescence and certificate number.


Diamond grades trough the 4cs




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