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Diamond cut

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Understanding a diamond cut

Round Cut Engagement Rings 2.5 carat diamondA diamond cut refers to the proportions and finishing of the diamond. The word diamond ‘cut’ can also be interpreted as diamond shape instead of cutting style. But a diamond’s cut is really the cutting of the diamond that makes the diamond’s facets interact with the light. If a diamond cut is excellent, the light from every side will be bent towards the center of the stone and reflect back through the top of the diamond. The light will then glare in a rainbow colors. But if a diamond cut is not perfect the light will leak out through the sides or bottom of the diamond. Therefore, a great diamond cutter can make the diamond’s value higher.





Diamond cut vs diamond shape

A diamond cut is the workmanship that makes a diamond have proportions, symmetry and the right polish to deliver maximum light return. A diamond shape is the face-on appearance of the diamond and not the cut out facets. Therefore, a diamond can be cut into a diamond shape such as a heart shape, oval shape or pear shape in a poor cut or excellent cut.

The GIA cut scale

2 carat diamond round cut engagement ringsThe GIA is considered to be the primary source for diamond grading in the diamond industry. The GIA has the highest grading standards in the diamond industry due to the high grading standards. A lot of diamond buyers appreciate a GIA certification, because it will give more information about the diamond. The GIA certification also states the diamond cut grade by using a GIA cut scale. The GIA cut scale consists of 5 categories. A diamond cut can be graded as:

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor


What diamond cut do you prefer?

Every diamond can be graded based on the 4Cs. But diamond cut is the only one that is influenced by people instead of nature. To make the search for the perfect diamond with your favorable diamond cut easy, you can fill in a free quote. Our diamond experts will search the worldwide diamond inventory for your GIA certificate diamond. In addition, you can add your diamond shape, weight and color.



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