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Cushion cut engagement rings

Cushion cut engagement ringsOf all diamond rings you will likely ever buy, diamond engagement rings are the likely the most special. You get to design your own bespoke engagement rings when you buy diamonds through the Diamond Registry purchasing service as you get to work with our famous in-house jewelers. Everyone loves the unique and romantic look of cushion cut engagement rings. The cushion cut diamond is a round fancy shape diamond, based on the brilliant cut. It sits between the look of the oval cut diamond, round diamond and the princess cut diamond. Cushion cut engagement rings actually pre-date most other diamond shapes, but have seen a strong comeback recently. Cushion cut diamonds have been in the diamond world for more than 200 years. Until the early twentieth century, cushion cut diamonds were like the standard diamond shape used by most jewelers. very much like round diamonds today. That is why there are many antique cushion cut engagement rings today.

The unique sparkle of the cushion cut diamond

The faceting of cushion cut diamonds has been refined over time by shrinking the culet, enlarging the table and improving the cut angles to increase brilliance. The improvements have improved the light and sparkling of cushion cut diamonds dramatically. The modern cushion cut diamond has an additional row of facets on the pavilion which gives it a crushed ice look. With the increased brilliance, modern cushion cut diamonds match the beauty of round diamonds, at much more affordable diamond prices. Fancy shape diamonds are prices very differently than round shape diamonds. Another reason why many people love cushion cut engagement rings. 

Cushion cut diamond ring design

Creating your own cushion cut engagement rings with our in-house designers, means you get to decide on which specific diamond to mount onto the ring, as well as the ring designs. There are many more different design options for your engagement ring such as which precious metal to use, what the best ring setting is - some love the look of cushion cut engagement rings pave, while others prefer cushion cut engagement rings no halo. When you create your own diamond engagement rings, the choice is yours and the ring will look exactly like you want it to. Our diamond consultants will locate the best possible diamond deal available on the worldwide market for GIA certified loose diamonds, and you will design the ring together with our in-house designers. Ask for a free quote to see which cushion cut diamonds are available today.




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