Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The most romantic diamond cuts there are

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Cushion cut diamonds evoke a strong romance

Vintage cushion cut diamonds ringCushion Cut diamonds have been in the diamond world for more than 200 years, and during the first century of their existence, they were the most popular diamond shapes. Until the early twentieth century, cushion cut diamonds were like the standard diamond shape used by most jewelers. very much like round diamonds today. Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners and larger facets that were designed to increase their brilliance. They have a square or pillow shaped outline, hence the name cushion cut. However, even with all the modern diamond shapes like radiant cut and Asscher cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds are still the third most popular diamond cut sold today. After round diamonds and princess diamonds, they make up for most diamond sales worldwide. Both in the retail as well as the wholesale diamond industry. Their popularity has made a steady increase as many celebrities have been spotted flashing cushion cut diamonds in their engagement rings.

Modern cushion cut diamonds have improved qualities

Cushion cut diamonds

Modern modified cushion cut diamonds we know and wear today are actually based on the antique design for the cushion cut which dates back many years ago. Over time, the faceting was refined by shrinking the culet, enlarging the table and improving the cut angles to increase brilliance. These are factors that determine the diamond clarity as design by the GIA. The improvements have seriously improved the light and sparkling of cushion cut diamonds. The modern, or modified cushion cut diamonds, have an additional row of facets on the pavilion which gives them a crushed ice look. Modern cushion cut diamonds are diamonds that match the beauty of round diamonds – at much more affordable diamond prices



The diamond prices for a Cushion Cut

Fancy shape diamonds have a very different prices than round diamonds. And so too do cushion cut diamonds. Diamond Registry has for over 50 years given the public access to the current wholesale diamond prices as used today on the market, for GIA certified cushion cut diamonds and all other available shapes. These are the same prices jewellers buy their diamonds for, and through the Diamond Registry, you will be sourcing the very same global inventory of loose diamonds available today worldwide. It is truly the best way to source diamonds, saving you easily 50-70% off retail prices. When looking at the diamond price list, look at the table for your carat size, match the color and clarity, and you will see the Price Per Carat. To calculate the estimated wholesale price, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats. Ask for a free quote to see which diamonds are available right now, and find the perfect cushion cut diamonds.




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