Colored diamonds
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Colored diamonds

Loose diamonds with
amazing fancy rainbow colors

Natural colored diamonds are beautiful gifts from nature

Colored Diamonds mounted on ring settingsNatural fancy colored diamonds are special; they are graded in their own way, different than colorless diamonds. Those colored diamonds come in a wide range of hues. The popular diamond colors are red, green, purple, violet, orange, blue and pink. If a colored diamond has a deep, and opulent color it will be called a fancy colored diamond (fancies). Fancy colored diamonds are seeing such a strong increase recently- at all levels of the industry. Even the GIA in Hong Kong and Tokyo is providing more colored diamond services.



Colored diamonds are different from colorless diamonds

Green, Blue and pink colored diamondsAs opposed to the colorless diamonds, the value of colored diamonds will improve as the presence of color becomes stronger. Colored diamonds have another pricing method
than colorless diamonds. The color grade of the colored diamonds is determined by the color intensity (Saturations), the lightness or darkness that appears in the stone (tone), the dominant color (hue) and how evenly it is spread across the diamond’s body (distribution).


Good ring combinations with colored diamonds

To boost the stunning colors of the colored diamonds it is important to make the good combinations. Good combinations can be the ring color, the diamond shape or diamonds settings. Often fancy colored diamonds are set into yellow gold or white gold ring bands. For example blue diamonds look stunning in white gold diamond rings. In addition, the diamond shape that amplifies the best with colored diamonds are fancy shapes such as radiant cut, pear shape and cushion cut. Especially yellow diamond cushion cut rings and princess cut rings are becoming very popular.

How to choose your colored diamond?

If you want to choose your favorite colored diamond you will have a wide variety to choose from. But to buy a colored diamond the smart way, it is advised that you buy it at wholesale prices. This way, you can buy a better stone that fits your taste and is in your budget. Receive today’s diamond prices and advice by asking for a free quote at Diamond Registry. The Diamond Registry is considered the primary source of information regarding accurate diamond wholesale prices and enables the public to access the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices. And in addition, The Diamond Registry offers all-round jewelry services to make your perfect colored diamonds combination.



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