Color of diamonds
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Color of diamonds

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The color of diamonds on a grading scale

The color of diamonds may actually refer to two separate things: the diamond color on the grading scale, and colored diamonds referred to as Fancy Color Diamonds. When speaking of the color grade, the color of diamonds as the assessment of the absence of color in colorless diamonds. Basically, for normal diamonds, are they colorless or do they have a slight yellow hue? The grading is conducted by diamond experts in grading labs such as GIA, and the specific diamond is compared to a set of master stones. The color of diamonds grading scale ranges from D to Z, where D is colorless and Z has a slight hue. D color diamonds are incredibly rare and command very high prices. A 2 carat D color diamond is worth much more than a G color 3 carat diamond.

Color grade of diamonds


The color of diamonds for fancy diamonds

Fancy color of diamondsWhen you talk about fancy colored diamonds, the color of diamonds is not graded the same way as the previously mentioned diamond grading scale. Fancy color diamonds are desired for their intense color hues, and therefore the intensity of the main color is assessed, as opposed to the absence of color. Fancy colored diamonds come in a wide variety of colors such as red, pink, green, black, orange, yellow and blue. Not only that, there are many different combinations of colors that result in diamonds with unique shades and tones. Fancy colored diamonds are very rare, and frequently achieve very high record-breaking sales at diamond auctions.



What color is right for me?

Both the diamond color as well as fancy color diamonds are very personal choices. While some may admire a bright yellow color diamond, other people might want a colorless diamond or a pink diamond. The color of diamonds is one of the more personal aspect of a diamond, and everyone has a unique view of what is the perfect diamond color for them. However, some diamond shapes affect the diamond color, such as the radiant shape which makes color seem more intense. Also the color of the ring band could affect the perceived color due to reflections. Ask our diamond experts for advice how to find the right diamond color for you and your budget.



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