Clarity of diamonds
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Clarity of diamonds

Understanding how diamond clarity affects
the price of loose diamonds

Clarity of diamonds is part of the intrinsic quality

Inclusions affect the clarity of diamondsAll diamonds are unique and all diamonds have very different intrinsic qualities, which is also true for the clarity of diamonds. When looking at the quality of loose diamonds, we look at what is known as the 4Cs of diamonds: clarity of diamonds, carat weight, cut and color. Each of the 4Cs affects the price of loose diamonds and diamond jewelery, as it plays a significant role in the beauty of the diamond as well as the rarity - the higher the quality of the diamonds the more rarer it becomes. Especially when you are talking about larger diamonds above 5 carat, where flawless clarity is very rare to come by and commands very high prices. The assessment of the clarity of diamonds is done by looking at the presence of inclusions and blemishes through powerful magnification, to the point where the imperfections would normally be invisible to the naked eye.




What exactly is the clarity of diamonds?

The clarity of diamonds refers to the degree of internal perfection of the diamonds. Most diamonds will have visible traces of its formation as it formed deep down in thr earth's crust. These traces, or birthmarks rather, are referred to as inclusions when internal and blemishes when more external. The more inclusions and blemishes a diamonds has, the less perfect the clarity is. Diamond experts in gem labs conduct what is called diamond grading. It is the process of assessing the quality of diamonds, so that they can be categorized and priced accordingly by wholesale diamond traders and merchants of loose diamonds. The GIA, regarded as the absolute number one authority on diamond grading, has developed a number of diamond grading scales to classify diamonds according to internal quality. The degree of the diamond's perfection is then classified on the diamond clarity scale which ranges from IF (internally flawless) to SI2 (slightly included) for diamond jewelry. SI2 diamonds will have imperfections that are fairly easy to spot once you know where to look.

Clarity of diamonds graded by a clarity scale

Which clarity is right for me?

This really depends on your own taste and what you have set as your budget for the diamond you intend to buy. A slight difference in the clarity of a diamond can make a world of difference when it comes to diamonds. As an example, a 5 carat diamond G color SI2 might be $22,110 around whereas a 5 carat diamond G color VS1 might be $43,890 which is almost double. But it gets slightly more complicated than that: one VS2 is not identical to another VS2. It also really depends on the location of the inclusions and blemishes, which in turn affects price and beauty. A feather or cloud right in the center of the table will affect the price negatively. The location of the imperfections can be seen on the GIA certificate making it easier for you to understand the quality of the loose diamond in detail. Finding the perfect diamond is a tremendous task as the options are endless: we've only discussed clarity of diamonds so far and there is a lot more to cover such as diamond color, fancy shapes, fancy colors, carat weight, certificates. This is why we strongly advise you to consult a diamond expert once you feel ready and prepared to buy a diamond to ensure you make a smart purchase. Ask for a free quote to speak to your own personal dedicated wholesale diamond expert and find your perfect diamond.



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