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Chocolate Diamonds

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What are chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds fall under the category of fancy color diamonds and have a slight brown hue. With its evocative name, chocolate diamonds are a popular choice for a variety of diamond jewelry such as diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Because chocolate diamonds are worn by many people as their diamond jewelry choice of the day, chocolate diamonds are a good choice when you are looking for casual jewelry that you can wear every day with elegance and sophistication.

Natural fancy color diamonds: how chocolate diamonds are formed

Chocolate diamond ringThere are many different diamond colors in the world of fancy diamonds, such as yellow diamond, red, blue, green, purple, brown and black loose diamonds. Chocolate diamonds are a type of brown diamonds. Structural distortions in the lattice of the diamond cause the brown hue, as it changes the way the loose diamond absorbs the light that comes in. Chocolate diamonds may show hints of green, yellow, orange or red. These are referred to as modifying colors and are common in all fancy color diamonds. The color of chocolate diamond rings match almost any outfit, formal or casual wear. Jewelry set with chocolate diamonds are a bold statement and an expression of your own personal taste.

How to buy chocolate diamonds

The smartest way to purchase diamonds - chocolate diamonds or any other type - is to source the wholesale diamond market of loose diamonds issued with GIA certification. Purchasing wholesale diamonds means that you source diamonds from suppliers and manufacturers before they reach jewelry retail stores. This effectively saves you up to 50% off retail prices as jewelry stores add significant margins to diamond jewelry displayed in diamond shops. Loose diamonds are diamonds not yet set in diamond jewelry, which saves you even more compared to finished diamond jewelry pieces. GIA certified diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America, the number one diamond grading lab with the highest and most accurate diamond grading standards recognized by the diamond wholesale and retail industry worldwide.

Diamond prices for chocolate diamonds

As the key supplier to a variety of diamond manufacturers and retail stores, the Diamond Registry has over 50 years’ experience in sourcing the diamond wholesale market of loose diamonds. Ask for a free quote to receive the diamond prices of chocolate diamonds - or any other type of loose diamonds - based on today’s wholesale diamond prices. Our dedicated diamond experts will source the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds issued with GIA certification. Together with all-round diamond jewelry services, the Diamond Registry is the only online diamond source you need.

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