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Carat weight

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Carat weight is one of the 4Cs

Vintage cushion cut diamonds ringAll diamonds are classified using the 4Cs as developed by the GIA: clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Of all the 4Cs, carat weight is the easiest to understand and an important part of understanding diamond prices. Carat weight is usually simply referred to as carat. A diamond can be 3 carat, 4 carat, 4.5 carat and so on. Mistakenly, many people assume carat weight is a direct indication of diamond size. While carat weight can be an indication of diamond size, it should be not used as such. When carat weight increases, so does size, but not proportionately. So, a 6 carat weight diamond is not necessarily double the size of a 3 carat diamond.




Carat weight is important for diamond prices

In the wholesale diamond industry, diamond prices are expressed on a Per Carat basis. This means that the prices are arranged in classes with different carat weight. So, there is a diamond price list for 2 carat diamonds, 5 carat diamonds, 7 carat diamonds, 10 carat diamonds and so on. The other two quality features of a diamond that are used to create the diamond price list are diamond clarity and color. With these three diamond features, you can read the diamond price list. Note that the Price Per Carat value still needs to be multiplied by the total diamond carat weight to get to the total price. So for 3 carat diamonds, multiply the Price Per Carat value by a factor of 3.

Carat weight size chart


What about clarity, color and cut?

Just knowing the diamond carat weight is not enough. It may be essential to understand the diamond prices, but so are diamond clarity, color and cut. Each of these 4Cs plays its own part in making the diamond shine brilliantly. Clarity refers to the degree of perfection of the diamond in terms of internal inclusions and external blemishes. Color assesses the absence of color where absolutely colorless is the most desirable and valuable. The diamond cut is only part of the diamond’s quality directly influenced by man. The diamond cutter cuts a rough diamond into the diamonds worn in jewelry. Perfect symmetry and proportions ensure light reflects in the most beautiful way and that is what makes a diamond shine so bright. Get in touch with a diamond expert by asking for a free quote to see which diamonds are available within your budget.




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