What is certified diamond jewelry?
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What is certified diamond jewelry?

There is no doubt that diamond jewelry is one of the most popular choices for women all around the world. A diamond is considered a woman's best friend, and many women have always yearned to have diamond jewelry of their own. Diamond jewelry used to be very expensive, but now there are jewelers which have smaller carat diamonds available to suit almost any budget. Jewelry that is made using smaller carat diamonds are more common nowadays. Therefore, a lot more people can afford diamond jewelry. The sparkling natural stone that is considered a pure stone, is a favorite when it comes to engagement rings as the bond of marriage is something that is perceived by people to be pure.

Certified diamond jewelry

  • If the diamond jewelry is made of gold or any other precious metal, then one has to ensure that the gold or precious metal has the hallmark sign to ensure the purity and percentage of gold present in the jewelry
  • The diamonds that are present in the jewelry has to be provided with GIA or IGI certifications
  • These certificates will give you information about the quality of the diamond used based on their cut, color, clarity and Carat. Certificates must be available for all carat diamonds you purchase

Therefore, whenever you are planning to buy any diamond jewelry, always go for certified diamond jewelry to make sure that you are getting diamonds for the value you have paid. The certificates will help you to identify the quality of diamonds and this will help you in deciding which carat diamonds will be within you budget.

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Check the education section for a detailed explanation of the 4 C's.

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