How does shape affect the value of the diamond?
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How does shape affect the value of the diamond?

A diamond's cut is often confused with the shape of a diamond. One has to understand that cut of a diamond is different to the shape of the diamond. The cut of a diamond provides information on the quality of faceting done on the diamond. The shape of a diamond is the outline of the diamond such as emerald, cushion, marquise, round, etc. The shape and the cut of the diamond also determine the value of all carat diamonds. However, the cut of the diamond has a larger influence on the value of the diamond when compared to the shape.

Shape and value of diamond

Some shapes will provide a better yield from the rough material and therefore will be cheaper when compared to the shapes that will provide a low yield. In simpler words, some shapes are similar to the natural rough diamond form. Therefore, there will be less wastage when crafting a diamond of that shape from the rough diamond. All carat diamonds will typically weigh about 40 to 60 percent of the original rough diamond weight. This means that about half the rough diamond is wasted when faceting the diamond. Smaller carat diamonds are cheaper as more can be won from the same rough diamond

Round diamond is often the most desired shape. There is always a great demand for round diamonds and therefore, the cost of round diamonds is generally greater. Besides that, the most waste occurs when cutting round diamonds from a rough diamond. If we are to compare ½ carat diamonds of the same quality, the cost of diamonds based on the shape will be in the following descending order, round, heart, asscher, pear, marquise and oval, emerald, radiant, cushion and princess. For small carat diamonds of lower color and clarity, the difference in price between a round diamond and princess diamond will be between 0 to 20 percent. This difference will increase to as much as 100 percent for large carat diamonds, which have excellent color and clarity.

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