Why are half-carat diamonds popular?
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Why are half-carat diamonds popular?

Half carat diamonds are very popular among people and jewelry stores. A half-carat diamond will be about 100 milligrams or 1/10 of a gram. Half carat diamonds are considered an essential part of most diamond jewelry. Often, these diamonds are used as the center stones in diamond engagement rings. These ½ carat diamonds have become popular because they are affordable and can be set into any piece of diamond jewelry. These diamonds can now be found in diamond earrings, diamond wedding rings, diamond bracelets and other diamond jewelry. As diamonds that weigh ½ carat are popular, the number of ½-carat diamonds available in the market will be greater. This provides you with many options allowing you to pick diamonds that will suit your requirement and budget.

Popularity of half-carat diamonds

Diamonds that weigh half a carat are ideal center stones as they have incredible value. These diamonds are available in variety of colors and clarities and this allows people to buy diamonds at any budget. The half-carat diamonds will look good in all diamond shapes, but shapes such as oval, princess, radiant, round, cushion, emerald and asscher tend to make the diamonds look more dazzling. Almost all settings will go well with ½ carat diamonds, particularly the 4 prong and 6 prong settings. Other setting types such as solitaire, bezel, side stone and tension settings, also complement half-carat diamonds.

If you are looking to buy quality diamonds, it will be a good option to look for half carat diamonds that are of diamond colors such as D, E, F or G and of diamond clarities such as F, IF, VVS1 or VVS2. Diamonds that are of ½-carat weight can be used in single stone jewelry or in jewelry, which has multiple diamonds. The size of these diamonds makes it very versatile and therefore, is very popular and widely used in diamond jewelry.

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