Popular diamond earring types
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Popular diamond earring types

Diamond earrings are available in a variety of designs and types. However, certain diamond earring types are extra popular among women. The studs have always been a favorite among women, but other than studs, the two most popular diamond earring types are three stone and drop diamond earrings. Both earring types are available with large and small carat diamonds and can therefore be found in varying budgets.

Three stone diamond Earrings

These diamond earrings will have three small carat diamonds studded in them. If the earrings are for a special occasion, larger carat diamonds can also be considered. The three stone earrings are always considered one of the most popular earrings that are available in the market and is suitable for both younger girls and older women. The designs in which the three stone diamond earrings are available are evolving every day. Therefore, we see new designs that are appearing in the market on a regular basis. The fact that these earrings will suit women of all ages, makes it a great gift. For brides, a sparkling three diamond earring will brighten up their look and can be designed to suit the design of their wedding gown. These diamond earrings are usually made using the two types of diamonds

  • Round cut
  • Princess cut

Drop Diamond Earrings

Drop diamond earrings are always in fashion and are considered an all-time favorite. They can virtually complement any hairstyle, outfit and personality but they are usually more expensive. The drop earrings are expensive because it will contain a number of large or small carat diamonds. But there are designs which can greatly reduce costs and contrary to the perceived thought that drop diamond earrings are heavy, nowadays the designs make these earrings very light and comfortable to wear. These earrings are available with diamonds of different cuts or in many designs a combination of cuts. You can have one custom designed to match the wedding dress. Because on your special day, only the most special diamond earring will do.

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