Choosing the right diamond size for your engagement ring
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Choosing the right diamond size for your engagement ring

Finding the engagement ring that meets your needs, can be a long and complicated process. You want your engagement ring to be special, but various constraints will determine the type of diamond engagement ring you can buy. Diamond engagement rings that have 0.5 carat diamonds to 2 carat diamonds are most commonly sold in jewelry stores. The size of the diamond in the engagement ring will often depend on the cut of the diamond and the way it has been set on the ring. Large diamonds are rare and the cost of diamonds rises exponentially with size and weight. Two carat diamonds will be more expensive than buying 2 one carat diamonds. If the cost of the engagement ring is a factor, you should be aware of this and find a diamond engagement ring that has smaller diamonds.

Engagement ring - diamond size

The best way to choose the right diamond for your engagement ring is to first decide on the shape of the diamond that you would like on your engagement ring. The type of cut also determines the cost of the diamond and therefore, you need to understand which type of cut will complement the ring's design and will fit your budget. The next step is to determine the size of the diamond that will be ideal for your engagement ring. Ideally, you will have to consider the cut and carat weight of the diamond together to find diamonds that will be best suited to your budget and your engagement ring style. Picking a diamond engagement ring is often a procedure that requires a lot of patience and some knowledge about diamonds to ensure that you pick the right diamond ring for that very special occasion.

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