Increasing popularity of diamond rings for men
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Increasing popularity of diamond rings for men

Diamond rings are no longer considered as pieces of jewelry destined only for women as there is a rise in popularity for men's diamond rings. This has opened up an entirely new space in the diamond ring sector. The rings for men are different than those used by women. Most of the diamond rings used by men will have smaller carat diamonds while diamonds rings for women will generally have larger carat diamonds.

Difference between diamond rings for men and women

  • Diamond rings for women have the diamonds attached to the band using prongs and are visible in a prominent way whereas for men the setting of diamonds are known as a channel set
  • In the channel set, the diamonds are flush with the ring band and are not as prominent as in the rings for women. Usually, smaller carat diamonds are used in this channel set
  • The number of diamonds or the size of the diamonds is usually less in rings for men when compared to that for the women. Women prefer their diamonds to be more visible and therefore women diamond jewelry will have larger carat diamonds

Why diamond rings for men are becoming popular

Traditionally, jewelry designs for diamond rings were made for women and designs for men's jewelry were very few. However, with the increasing use of white gold and platinum and other lighter colored metals, jewelry for men has risen in popularity. When you add smaller carat diamonds along with such light colored metals, the piece of jewelry will look subtly elegant. Diamond jewelers have noticed this trend, and they have ensured that they provide men with designs that will interest them.

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