Top Diamond Earring Designs
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Top Diamond Earring Designs

Diamond earrings are available in a wide range of designs and styles and are designed to complement various outfits. Diamond earrings used to be reserved for special occasions, but nowadays they are more commonly worn. From the very subtle diamond studs that can be used for daily wear to the large drop diamond earrings that are for special occasions, the options that you have is varied. Diamond earrings that sport smaller carat diamonds or the popular one carat diamonds are widely available in all jewelry stores. So let us look at some of the earrings that are made of diamonds and are popular among earring buyers the world over.

Popular Diamond Earring Designs

  • Euphoria Earrings - These earrings are ideal for regular use and come with a screw back which ensures that the earring stays on you. They are shaped like a comma and has a ring at the back
  • Four Petal Diamond Drops - This earring has a round bezel diamond in the middle and is surrounded by four petals that are made of gold wire. There will be smaller carat diamonds placed between the petals and it will give a great sparkling look
  • Circle Diamond Drops - These earrings are designed with circles that are interlinked and are usually made with white gold and yellow gold. Small carat diamonds are set inside the circles and they will sparkle as the earring moves
  • Victoria solitaire Stud - If you are looking for a simple and classic looking earring, then this is a good option. Four gold prongs hold a round diamond stone and this design is a real classic. Larger carat diamonds are preferred for this design
  • Charisma Princess Diamond Huggies - These earrings will have five prong set diamonds and is an elegant and simple diamond earring. These diamond earrings will go well with ethnic dresses or formal dresses
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