How does cut affect the value of the diamond?
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How does cut affect the value of the diamond?

Crafting well cut diamonds, which are symmetrical and brilliant, will require precision, patience and skilled craftsmanship. Such skilled people are not easy to find and therefore such artistry will come with a price. This price is integrated in the eventual market price of a diamond. If we were to compare one carat diamonds that have excellent cut against one carat diamonds that have average cut, the price of the excellent cut diamonds will be about 20 - 30 % higher than the average cut diamonds.

Diamond cut and value

If we are to keep the clarity and color constant, the value of all carat diamonds will be determined by the cut of the diamond. If the diamond has an excellent cut, the diamond will look beautiful even if you have to compromise on the color and clarity. Smaller carat diamonds that have an excellent cut will look more beautiful than larger carat diamonds of an average cut. Symmetry is important to allow the diamond to reflect as much light as possible, enhancing the diamond's beauty. Therefore, there is no doubt that the cut of the diamond has a profound influence on the value and brilliance of a diamond.

A well cut diamond will be properly proportioned and precisely faceted. This allows the diamond to reflect most of the light that enters the diamond, referred to as brilliance. If the diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, the amount of light reflected by the diamond will be compromised. If the facets have been precisely aligned, the diamond will reflect the light evenly and this will make it sparkle in the most appealing way.

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