How does carat weight affect the price of fancy colored diamonds?
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How does carat weight affect the price of fancy colored diamonds?

Natural colored diamonds are incredibly rare to find. The cost of fancy colored diamonds is primarily determined by the intensity and distribution of the color in the diamond. The cut and clarity of the diamond will have less prominence in determining the cost of colored diamonds when compared to that of colorless or white diamonds. Generally, colored diamonds will be more expensive than white diamonds. One carat diamonds that are colorless will cost less than yellow, blue, or any other colored one carat diamonds. As the intensity of color increases, the cost of the diamond will also increase. A faint or light colored diamond will not be as expensive as the fancy dark or fancy deep colored diamonds.

Apart from color intensity and distribution, the other factor that greatly influences the cost of colored diamonds is the carat weight. During the mining process, the number of large diamonds retrieved is considerably less than smaller diamonds. This makes larger diamonds rare and therefore the cost of larger diamonds will be much greater than smaller diamonds. The cost of diamonds will see a sharp difference on either side of the half carat and the full carat mark. Just as in colorless diamonds, the carat weight of the diamond has a great influence on determining the price of the diamond.

Natural and artificial colored diamonds

Colored diamonds available in the market are either natural or color induced diamonds. Artificial coloring techniques such as irradiation and dyeing are used commonly to add color to white diamonds. Artificially colored diamonds will be cheaper than naturally occurring colored diamonds. The cost of one carat diamonds that have natural color will be much higher than one carat diamonds that have been colored artificially. It is therefore very important to know if the colored diamond you are intending to purchase is natural colored diamonds or artificially colored diamonds. That is why you should only purchase diamonds that are provided with a grading certificate.

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