Will ¼-carat diamond be too small for an engagement ring?
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Will ¼-carat diamond be too small for an engagement ring?

0.25 or ¼ carat diamonds will be about 50 milligrams or 0.05 grams. The preferred carat weight of diamonds for engagement rings has always been 1 carat. However, the cost of one carat diamond ring will not be affordable for everyone and therefore, some people prefer to opt for engagement rings that have lower carat weight diamonds. ¼-carat diamonds will be considerably cheaper than diamonds that weight one carat as the cost of diamonds jumps at the ½-carat and the one-carat mark. The cost of a diamond that weighs 0.49 carats will be about 6 to 7 percent less when compared to a diamond that weighs 0.50 carats. Similarly, the cost of diamond weighing 0.99 carats will be significantly less than a one-carat diamond.

Ideal carat weight for a diamond engagement ring

The ideal carat weight for your engagement ring will depend on a few factors, most importantly your budget. If you do not have the budget to buy large carat diamonds, you will have to look at the option of selecting a design in which you will have more than one smaller carat diamonds. The diamond will look bigger on a smaller finger. For example, ¼-carat diamonds will look bigger on a finger that is sized four when compared to a size seven finger. If your finger is large, you can opt for numerous smaller carat diamonds.

The setting of the diamond on the engagement ring is also important, as it will decide on how much of the diamond is visible from the outside. Similarly, you can opt for a diamond that has lesser depth and larger perimeter or diameter to make the diamond look bigger. Jewelers and jewelry designers will be able to provide you with different designs for your engagement ring that will make the diamonds on your ring look bigger than they actually are.

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