Can size be determined using only the carat weight?
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Can size be determined using only the carat weight?

It is true that as the carat weight of a diamond increases, so will its size. However, the increase is not proportional. This is because the size of the diamond increases in diameter or perimeter and in depth. The diameter of half carat diamonds is usually around 5.2mm. However this does not mean that the diameter of one carat diamonds is 10.4 mm. The approximate diameter of one carat diamonds will be 6.4mm. Even though the weight of the diamond has doubled, the increase in diamond's is only 22 percent. This is because there will be an increase in the depth of the diamond. The depth of the diamond will only be visible in certain diamond settings and therefore, any increase in depth, may or may not be visible on the outside when the diamond is set in jewelry.

Carat weight, cut and size

One has to understand that carat weight is only a measure of the weight of the diamond. The size of a diamond is measured in millimeters and is expressed by the dimensions of the diamond. The cut of the diamond influences how big the diamond appears to be. If the diamond is cut with a large diameter, the depth will be shallow and therefore that diamond will look bigger when compared to a diamond that has a smaller diameter and larger depth. The width of the girdle of the diamond also influences how large the diamond appears to be. Diamonds that have thick or extremely thick girdles will look smaller and will usually not have high cut grades. Diamonds that have thin girdles will look larger, but will be prone to chipping and can fall off the setting. It is not possible to establish the size of a diamond accurately by just knowing the carat weight of the diamond.

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