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Carat diamond

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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STEP 2: DIAMOND SIZE: How to choose ?

Size :

What is carat diamond weight and size?

Amongst all the different diamond features, the carat diamond weight is the best way to start making a selection of loose diamonds that would be within your budget. When you source loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market there is a vast selection of diamonds available to you, so it is important you make a list of criteria important for your loose diamond to make a final selection of wholesale diamonds. Carat diamond weight is determines the price per carat value, and it is a loose indication of the diamond size. Note that it is only an indication and not directly related: a 4 carat diamond is not twice the size of 2 carat diamond.

How to use the price per carat diamond valueDifferent diamond Carat size comparison

When you look at the wholesale diamond prices, you will see that the diamond prices are written using the price per carat diamond value. Based on the carat diamond weight, a price per carat is noted for each color and clarity variation within the carat diamond range. On the wholesale diamond price list, you can see an overview of today’s wholesale diamond prices for each carat diamond weight: this means a separate diamond price list for 2 carat diamond, 3 carat diamond, 5 carat diamond etc. To calculate the total estimated price for wholesale loose diamonds, multiply the price per carat diamond value by the total carat diamond weight.

This means that when you look at a 3 carat diamond G color VVS1, the per carat diamond value might be around $35,200 making the total 3 carat diamond around $105,600.

Diamond sizes: the difference between 1 carat & 7 carat diamond

While the carat diamond weight plays a factor in the diamond size, the two do not increase proportionally. The difference in size between a 2 carat diamond and a 3 carat diamond, is not the same as between a 4 and a 5 carat diamond. This also implies that wholesale diamond prices do not increase proportionally with carat diamond weight and size. A 4 carat diamond is not exactly twice the price of a 2 carat diamond.

So, if you’ve understood this part about the relation between carat diamond weight, size and diamond price, you should be able to answer the following question: Is a 7 carat diamond 7 times bigger than a 1 carat diamond? The answer is of course No. A 7 carat diamond is about 12.4mm, and therefore almost twice the size of a 1 carat diamond which is around 6.5mm.

What to do next

These sizes are based on round brilliant cut diamonds, when you compare the different diamond cuts and corresponding carat diamond weights and sizes, it becomes slightly more complicated. Ask our wholesale diamond experts to guide you to buy ideal loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market. The best prices are wholesale diamond prices.


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