Brillant cut diamond
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Brilliant cut diamond

A diamond cut to optimize
fire and brilliance in a diamond

From natural diamond to brilliant cut diamond

When diamonds are found they will not shine as bright as a brilliant cut diamond. This is because diamonds that are found in nature are rough diamonds which have not been cut yet. A diamond cut can refer to a diamond shape or cutting. However, the cutting of a diamond are the proportions and the finishing of a rough diamond. The diamond shape is the face on appearance of a diamond, this can be for example a heart, cushion or pear.

4 carat round brilliant cut diamond halo

Number one brilliant cut diamond

From all the brilliant cut diamonds in the diamond industry one is the most popular. This most popular diamond cut is the round cut diamond, it accounts for more than three-quarters of the diamond sales.

The round cut diamond was developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky. Mister Tolkowsky created the round cut diamond with a mathematical formula. This formula resulted in a diamond cut with precise angles and proportions creating the best reflection and refraction of light. This round cut diamond has 56-58 facets and can contain hearts or arrows that are visible in the pavilion of the diamond. These hearts and arrows can be seen when you are viewing in a face-up position. In addition, this brilliant cut diamond has optimal balanced between brilliance, sparkle and fire. No wonder that many engagement rings and wedding rings are mounted with round shaped diamonds.

Variations on the brilliant cut diamond

The round cut diamond is the base of any other brilliant cut diamond. The oval cut diamond is one of these variations looks almost the same as the round cut diamond, only is it a bit more unique. This oval cut diamond also exist of 56-58 facets but the diamond body is a bit longer. Due to the longer appearance, an oval cut diamond ring can make your fingers appear longer. However, next to this oval shaped diamond there are many more modified brilliants based on the round cut diamond. Some variations on the brilliant cut diamond are for example:

  • Heart shaped diamond
    This diamond shape is cut into a heart shape to stimulate the ultimate symbol of love. For a heart shaped diamond it is important that the lobes are well-defined, since it has to appear like a heart-shape. In addition, an experienced cutter has to ensure the brilliance and that is difficult with this complex shape.

  • Cushion cut diamond
    A cushion cut diamond is a diamond with round corners and larger facets to increase the brilliance. The name is based on the fact that the diamond cut looks like a pillow. However, the cushion cut diamond can be square to rectangular.

  • Princess cut diamond
    A brilliant cut diamond which faceting style is similar to a round cut diamond is the princess cut. Only this diamond cut is triangular and has four corners.

Which brilliant diamond cut fits you?

Since there are many brilliant cut diamonds in the diamond industry it is important to understand how a diamond is graded. A diamond can be cut into one of the best shapes with perfect angels but still be graded not the highest valued diamond. Therefore learn more about the 4C’s (carat, clarity, color and cut) in order to understand how the diamonds earn their value. If you feel more comfortable by finding a diamond with a expert, you can fill in a free quote. After filling in a free quote your inquiry will be handled by a diamond expert and you will be contacted. Together with the diamond expert the search for the diamond cut you like is nearby. In addition, the diamond will have a GIA certificate which means it is graded by the best gemological laboratory in the diamond industry.


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