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Blue Diamonds

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Be amazed by nature’s beauty, colored diamonds

8 carat fancy vivid blue diamondsFancy blue diamonds are among other colored diamonds one of the more rare and beautiful diamonds. It takes a unique natural formation to get the color of the diamond intense enough to be present. For example yellow diamonds, are the result of the presence of nitrogen in the diamond creation. In other words, colored diamonds go through a unique formation which makes them extra rare. The blue diamond owes its color to the presence of boron atoms. The color of the blue diamonds gets more intense if the concentration of the boron is higher. Because nature determines the amount of boron, the blue diamonds will not be the same color every time. As result there are several natural fancy blue diamonds, usually classified blue, grayish blue, greenish blue, turquoise or aquamarine.

The world record breaker from 2014 is a blue diamond

Fancy colored blue diamondsBlue diamonds are rare diamonds, which are most of the time found below 1 carat. But the world record breaker of 2014 was a clear blue pear shaped diamond of 9.75 carat. This clear blue diamond is called “The Zoe Diamond” and the number 1 on the list of 10 most precious jewels sold at auctions in 2014. Not only this blue pear shaped diamond broke a world record in 2014, also “the Winston blue” of 13.22 carat made it. This Winston blue is a loose diamond of 13.22 carat that is also cut into a pear shape.

Measuring the blue colored diamonds

Blue diamonds belong to the fancy colored diamonds just as the pink diamonds, green diamonds, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, black diamonds or red diamonds. These fancy colored diamonds will increase in value if the color is impressive, as opposed to the colorless diamonds. The quality of the diamond color is determined by the hue, the saturation, the tone and the distribution. Loose colored diamonds that have an intense hue and distribution in color are extremely eye catching and rare and therefore very popular.

Blue diamonds at wholesale prices

If you are interested in blue diamonds it is possible to request a free quote. The team of experienced wholesale diamond experts will immediately search for your specific blue colored diamond, at the world’s largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds. The Diamond Registry has built up a global network of diamond suppliers and cutters over these years. Through this network we can offer you blue diamonds of the highest quality at a good wholesale price that will be far below the retail prices.



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