Blue diamond rings
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Blue diamond rings

One of the amazing
colored diamonds

One of the rarest colored diamonds

Blue diamond rings 4 Carat fancy vivid pear shapedReceiving blue diamond rings is very impressive but also a true investment. Blue diamonds are among one of the rarest colored diamonds together with green and red diamonds. Blue diamond rings are therefore very special. Due to the rarity of these diamonds, the prices are much higher than for example yellow, brown or colorless diamonds, depending on cut and carat. While colorless diamonds were once the norm in the celebrity world, colored diamonds are now extremely popular. Large brown colored diamonds, yellow diamonds or pink colored diamonds are now a must-have luxury item in Hollywood. However, some celebrities want blue diamond rings but it is hard to find and expensive. But the lucky Hong Kong movie star Michelle Yeoh did receive a blue diamond from Jean Todt, a Ferrari motor racing team director. The blue diamond ring was not even an engagement ring, but “just” a gift.



The unique diamond color formation

Blue diamond rings fancy 3 caratThe diamonds that are mounted in blue diamond rings have gone through a very unique color formation. The color of a blue diamond is caused by the presence of boron atoms deep down in the earth. This color formation is not a common situation, it only happens sometimes. In fact, less than 0.1% of all natural diamonds are blue diamonds.

The color of blue diamond rings can be from faint to fancy deep. If the concentration of boron becomes higher, the blue color becomes more intense. Therefore some blue diamonds are grayish blue, turquoise or aquamarine because these colored diamonds have had long exposure to natural radiation. These aquamarine and turquoise colored diamonds are even rarer than the faint blue diamond. Try to imagine a proposals with blue diamond rings - your loved one will definitely be amazed.

The Hope Diamond

One good example for a deep blue diamond is The Hope Diamond, one of the most famous diamonds in the world. Some of us will remember The Hope Diamond as the diamond seen in the Titanic film, sometimes called the heart of the ocean. This is because Kate Winslet wore a blue diamond that was based on The Hope diamond. However, this blue diamond in the Titanic was obviously fake, but it gained a lot of attention. The real Hope Diamond is kept secure under glass of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington. The Hope Diamond is a very impressive and is 45.54 carat deep blue. The Hope Diamond has its origins in the 1600s.


Purchasing a blue diamond ring

For the lucky diamond buyers that can afford elegant and luxurious blue diamond rings, it will be an excellent diamond in an engagement ring or wedding ring. Because blue diamonds are very rare it is obviously very expensive. But if you purchase blue wholesale diamonds it can be less expensive. Purchasing a blue loose diamond at wholesale prices allows you to have more options, since you can choose the ring setting you like later. Fill in a free quote on our website and our diamond experts will do their best to find everything needed for elegant and luxurious blue diamond rings.



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