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Blue diamond
engagement rings

diamond jewelry that’s blue,
says i love you

True lifetime commitment with blue diamond engagement rings

Blue diamond engagement ringsThere is only one gift, one gesture, that truly symbolizes eternal commitment to your loved one, and that is the scintillating diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings come in many different shapes and forms, but blue diamond engagement rings are undisputedly something special. To say that loose diamonds are rare is a fair statement. For jewelry quality colorless diamonds, this is especially true for loose diamonds larger than 2 carats. For jewelry quality blue diamonds, this is always true no matter which carat size. A blue diamond, or any other color diamond, is incredibly rare regardless of diamond clarity or carat weight. As a natural outcome, blue diamond engagement rings are very difficult to come by. This means that you need to talk to the right wholesale diamond experts and use the best source to find the elusive blue diamonds. But above all, this means that blue diamond engagement rings symbolize your absolute dedication towards your loved one.


What’s the story behind blue loose diamonds?

Beautiful pear cut blue diamond engagment ringBlue diamond engagement rings are set with scintillating blue diamonds that will make everyone’s head turn. But what exactly are blue diamonds? In the world of diamonds, there is a divide between colorless diamonds ranging from D to Z on the GIA diamond color grading scale, and the fancy colored diamonds that have a distinct color. Fancy color diamonds come in a wide variety of diamond colors besides blue, such as pink, yellow, orange, red, black, green, purple and many more. Blue diamond engagement rings are set with fancy color diamonds that have officially been graded as fancy color blue diamonds. Blue diamonds go through a diamond grading process to assess the color hue, saturation and tone and therefore the diamond quality. Blue diamond engagement rings have seen an explosive interest recently as a result from the record breaking performance of blue loose diamonds and blue diamond jewelry during diamond auctions. Such diamond records include the pear shaped “Zoe Diamond” and the 13.22 carat “Winston blue” sold during auction noted as the 10 most precious jewels sold in 2014.

Where to buy blue diamond engagement rings?

If you are interested in buying blue diamond engagement rings, then you need to consult seasoned diamond experts that know where to source high quality blue diamonds. When you buy blue diamond engagement rings, you must first focus on the loose diamond itself: the blue diamond. To source and buy fancy colored diamonds the smart way, requires in-depth knowledge through intensive diamond education. You need to know the difference between fancy intense and intense vivid blue diamonds, why it is smarter to buy pear shaped or marquise cut diamonds rather than round diamonds, and why a 2.8 carat diamond is a better purchase than a 3 carat diamond. The Diamond Registry has over 50 years’ experience sourcing fancy colored loose diamonds straight from diamond cutters and merchants – all GIA certified. This means that through our personal purchasing service, you will be able to source loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market under the guidance of veteran diamond experts. With our in-house diamond jewelry craftsmen, you can have your own blue diamond engagement rings made that perfectly fit you as a couple. Ask for a free quote to take the first step towards finding the perfect diamond engagement ring.



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