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Black Diamonds

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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Black diamonds can be exceptionally impressive

12 carat black diamond ringThe popularity for black diamonds is increasing and this drives the demand for black diamond jewelry. Recently, a lot of new couples are wildly enthusiastic to give their loved ones a very unique and stylish diamond jewelry which is set with black diamonds. Colored diamonds come in many different colors such as pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, or brown. The black colored diamonds look striking and dramatic but most of al impressive. The black diamonds are not transparent and do not show fire, which is exactly what makes these diamonds look exceptionally breathtaking and mysterious. Many independent females would love princess cut engagement rings with black diamonds or a beautiful black emerald cut engagement ring. And at the same time, black diamonds are also often seen in wedding rings.

The color formation of the black diamonds

Fancy black diamondBlack diamonds color formation is caused by a many internal graphite inclusions and it is believed that these diamonds fell to the earth as meteorites. Although there are also people that say black diamonds are in fact genuine diamonds, treated with radiation to make their color appear black but are actually very dark green diamonds.

Black diamonds are classified as Fancy color diamonds, or fancies. Fancies colored diamonds altogether are very rare and most of those loose diamonds are found with a weight below 1 carat.

The measurement of diamond color

34,85 carat black diamond ringEach diamond can be graded by the GIA color grading scale from D to Z. If a diamond has a yellow color more intense than Z, it falls into the fancy colored diamonds category. In the grading by the GIA the absolute finest colorless stone carries a D rating, going through each letter of the alphabet to Z, which would indicate a diamond of light yellow, brown, or gray. Looking at the diamond’s distribution, hue, tone and saturation assesses how to determine the quality of the diamond color.

Buying your black diamond can get easier

A diamond is not just a gemstone; it is “a 100% investment” which is why it is important to make an educated purchase. By buying loose black diamonds you can save up to 50% off retail prices, which makes it possible for you to purchase a higher quality diamond within the same budget. Feel free to ask for a free quote at Diamond Registry, a world wide inventory of wholesale diamonds that has a proven track record of matching people’s diamonds wishes with the perfect GIA certified loose diamonds. Diamond Registry will put its finest wholesale diamond and jewelry experts to work, to search for your impressive black diamond engagement ring.



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