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Black diamond
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Mysterious black diamond engagement rings have a beauty all of their own

Diamond engagement rings are truly the most special diamond jewelry of all. There are many different designs and choices when it comes to picking your perfect engagement ring such as the different 4Cs, the loose diamond shape, ring setting and overall design. Many people choose for a modern take on engagement rings by picking out black diamond engagement rings. Fancy color diamonds offer a modern approach to engagement rings and black diamond engagement rings have a mysterious beauty all of their own.


Black diamonds explained

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Quite the opposite of colorless diamonds and other fancy color diamonds, black diamonds show no fire and are not transparent yet they are equally extraordinary. As with all fancy color diamonds, black diamonds may show modifying colors which are often gray or white. The color in black diamonds is formed by countless graphite inclusions. Mystery has always surrounded black diamonds, not only due to their enigmatic color but also due to their origins – it is believed that natural black diamonds fell to the earth from the heavens as meteorites. This fits perfectly with a gesture of cosmic proportions, such as proposing to your future fiancée with black diamond engagement rings.


How to buy black diamond engagement rings

Pick the perfect black diamond depending on your taste and budget and ask for a free quote to receive today’s diamond prices for your specific black diamonds based on the current diamond wholesale market. Our diamond experts will help you to define your choice and pick a black diamond that would be perfect for you. To buy black diamonds for engagement rings the smart way, there are three key guidelines to follow: buy loose diamonds, source the wholesale diamond market and only buy diamonds issued with GIA certificates. The Diamond Registry is considered the primary source of information regarding diamond wholesale prices and enables you to access the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Together with all-round jewelry services, this is the only source you need to create your own unique black diamond engagement rings.


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