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Best diamond cut

Diamond shapes of all kinds for different tastes and styles

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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STEP 2: DIAMOND SIZE: How to choose ?

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Oval one of the best diamond cutThe best diamond cut depends on you

There are many different diamond cuts, but deciding which the best diamond cut is, really comes down to your own taste and why you are buying diamonds. Some may like the princess cut diamond, oval shape diamond or heart shape diamond the most. The find the best diamond cut for you, it is important that you have an idea of what you’re looking for and why you’re buying the diamond – is it for an anniversary, engagement ring or rather an investment? No matter what you decide, there is a best diamond cut for everyone.



What kind of diamond shapes do you like?

Pear shape is also one of the best diamond cutFancy shape diamonds can be categorized in roundish, squarish and other types of shapes. To find the best diamond cut, it might be easier if you have an idea what kind of diamond shape you would like. If you prefer round shapes, consider looking into oval diamond, cushion cut or the traditional round diamond. If your best diamond cut is something squarish, have a look at princess cut diamonds, Asscher cut, Emerald cut or radiant cut. If you prefer something a little more different, perhaps a heart shape diamond, pear shape or marquise cut diamond is your best diamond cut.


Best diamond cut means knowing your top priorities

Diamonds have many different facets that make them unique and beautiful. However, some people attach more importance than others. If you want dramatic and wide flashes and don’t care too much about the clarity, the best diamond cut would be the Emerald cut. If you want the color to be intense, mostly applicable when buying colored diamonds, then the radiant cut would the best choice. Looking for the most affordable option? Your best diamond cut is not round diamonds but rather any of the fancy shape diamonds. However, there are many more things that determine the price of diamonds. That’s why it is important you know all there is about diamond size, carat weight, diamond clarity and color. And you know where to source wholesale loose diamonds. Ask for a free quote to find your best diamond cut for the best diamond deal.



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