Asscher cut engagement rings
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Asscher cut
engagement rings

A diamond cut
that is timeless

The royal diamond cut since 1902

Asscher cut diamond Unique Wedding RingGetting engaged using a royal diamond cut means he or she will propose with one of the many Asscher cut engagement rings. The Asscher cut diamond is sometimes called the royal Asscher cut. It features a small table, high crown, deep pavilion and cut corners to draw the eye to the center of the diamond. The Asscher cut diamond was named after its developer Joseph Asscher. In 1908, Joseph Asscher’s company was commissioned by the royal family to cut the world’s largest diamond found in history, the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond. In 2001 the brothers Edward and Joop Asscher introduced new specifications and additional facets to create more brilliance. Because the Asscher cut diamonds embody elegance, Asscher cut engagement rings are one of the more popular engagement rings to give.

The authentic but stunning Asscher cut engagement rings

Personalized Unique Wedding RingAll the loose diamonds for Asscher cut engagement rings will be cut by The Royal Asscher Diamond Company in America or the Netherlands. This diamond cutter is the only one that holds the rights to produce this diamond cut. Therefore every Asscher cut diamond that is produced will include a laser inscription of the Royal Asscher logo, so all the certified Asscher cut engagement rings will have a laser inscription of the famous Royal Asscher company on the loose diamond. The ring will be authentic and perfect, because every Asscher cut diamond is perfectly symmetrical and in proportions. Every cut falls within strict parameters, every facet of the diamond cut is absolutely accurate.

Ring combinations for the Asscher cut engagement rings

On the internet you can find many Asscher cut engagement rings. Most of the Asscher cut engagement rings are white gold. In addition, many ring settings are invisible or channel settings. For more unique Asscher cut engagement rings, you could consider having two ring bands, or mixed ring bands. A notable trend is that colored diamonds are increasingly being cut into an Asscher diamond shape. These colored diamonds are among the diamonds that are rare and the most beautiful that nature has offer us.

Your own Royal Asscher cut diamond

The Asscher cut diamond is impressive, and it is advised that you have a fair degree of knowledge when it comes to buying Asscher cut diamonds that are of genuine quality. Ask for free advice at Diamond Registry by filling in a quote. We can provide you with insider information and give you the chance to buy a better diamond within the same budget, sourcing the wholesale diamond industry. In addition, you can create jewelry with Diamond Registry’s highly experienced in-house team of diamond jewelry designers. Everybody deserves the chance to have their own royal Asscher cut engagement ring.



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