Antique Engagement Rings style

Antique Engagement Rings style

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Antique style engagement rings

Vintage engagement ringsAntique style engagement rings are surely the most special diamond rings you will ever have. No other type of diamond rings come close the romance that antique diamond engagement rings evoke. When you are looking for the antique engagement rings style, there are many different design options for you to choose from. Your dedicated personal jeweler work closely together with you, as you choose the loose diamond for you ring and the design style. Choosing your own antique engagement rings style means you have to choose specific precious metals, ring settings and decorations.. Antique looking engagement rings have a unique and timeless look.

Antique engagement rings style tips

Antique engagement ringsFor unique engagement rings that have that distinct antique look, there are a number of tips to help you along. These are just some simple guidelines, but to design your own antique engagement rings there actually aren’t any rules. It’s all up to you!. However, most engagement rings with that antique style are usually mounted with a round diamond, emerald cut or Asscher cut diamond. Rings with these diamonds are similar to art deco engagement rings, and have that unique timeless look. For the ring settings, it’s usually the 4 prong setting or bezel setting. The intricate and highly detailed design on the ring band and around the diamond is what really makes it feel like a true antique engagement rings style. Lastly, the center diamond is often decorated by shoulder diamonds like pear shape diamonds.

Creating unique engagement rings

To create your own unique engagement rings with that antique style, simply ask Diamond Registry for a Free Quote. Our diamond consultants will be your personally dedicated contacts to help you choose the perfect loose diamond for you antique engagement ring. Even if you want to mimic a design you have seen elsewhere in a another shop, or famously known designs such as antique tiffany engagement rings, our designers can meet all your design needs. Sourcing the diamond and being part of the design process is a really amazing experience and will appreciate the diamond you have so much more! It will really be yours and yours alone.



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