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About The Diamond Registry

The Diamond Registry is insider information about Diamond Prices at your fingertips. Our service streamlines worldwide diamond sales & supply so you can easily and quickly purchase or sell every quality, size and shape of diamond to fit your needs...all while working with a reputable and reliable source.

Originally an exclusive intranet for the wholesale diamond industry and loose diamond buyers, this Website has now been made accessible to the discerning public for loose diamond sales and to research wholesale diamond prices. The Diamond Registry connects you instantly to hundreds of diamond suppliers — its own membership network of participating cutters and importers both in the United States and worldwide. The Diamond Registry assures that you get the best possible value from today's market with the use of intensive personal analysis, clear diamond prices, help with How to Buy a Diamond, and an exacting examination of gems from competing world sources. In its role as the link between the numerous manufacturers and traders in the diamond world, The Diamond Registry has become known as the "matchmaker" of the industry. Welcome to the most comprehensive Website for the Diamond Trade. Let us make your perfect match for your diamond engagement rings.

The Diamond Registry is the prime source for diamonds from the mines to the finished polished stones and unique diamond jewelry. The Diamond Registry serves as a repository and clearing house for $30 million worth of diamonds of every cut, color, clarity and size, from the "ideal Cut" to the most innovative. The Diamond Registry created and controls the earliest, most extensive worldwide database of diamonds and diamond prices available for both the purchase and sales of diamonds.

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