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About The Diamond Registry

Insider information about diamond prices at your fingertips

What is Diamond Registry?

The world's most comprehensive diamond price and information platform. Helping individuals to find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale prices.

Our service streamlines worldwide diamond sales and supply so you can easily and quickly purchase or sell every quality, size and shape of diamond to fit your needs.

Early history of Diamond Registry

Nissan Perla, Preseident and Ceo of Diamond RegistryThe Diamond Registry was founded in 1961 by Joseph Schlussel, and started out as a monthly newsletter with thousands of subscribers that served to publish industry related information, such as wholesale diamond price updates, diamond trends, and developments in the diamond market. In 1997, The Diamond Registry was the first diamond information center on the internet, and became the main entrance to the world’s loose diamonds inventory and the primary source for diamond information.

In 2009, Nissan Perla took the position as CEO of the online diamond business after the passing away of the founder and his dear friend Joseph Schlussel. Since then it has grown into the go-to online source for high-end buyers and sellers with offices in New York, Israel and Hong Kong.

The service that the Diamond Registry provides

The Diamond Registry provides high quality service by creating a bridge between the wholesale diamond industry and the consumer. Through The Diamond Registry the consumers can buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices. In addition, the consumers can create jewelry with a highly experienced team of in-house jewelry designers from a trendy 3 carat diamond ring to a very popular princess cut engagement ring. In other words, the service gives the public more control and allows them to buy diamonds closer to the source which means they do not have to pay the inflated retail prices of “branded diamonds”. With over 50 years of experience, The Diamond Registry has proven a reliable, careful, precise and personal service.

What People Say about us   

The Diamond Registry website will give you insider information about Diamonds

Originally an exclusive intranet for the wholesale diamond industry and loose diamond buyers, this website has now been made accessible to the discerning public for loose diamond sales and to research wholesale diamond prices. The Diamond Registry website covers an extensive array of topics related to the diamond quality education such as diamond cuts and the difference between a princess cut diamond and a cushion cut diamond, how to buy diamonds, how to use the diamond color chart, diamond auctions, colored diamonds, trends in fashion and industry news.

The Diamond Registry Credentials

CEO of Diamond Registry Nissan Perla aims to bring transparency to the diamond purchasing process, turning the industry’s best kept secrets into the industry’s best known facts. The Diamond Registry is a Member-in-Good-Standing with the following associations: 

  • The Diamond Dealers Club of New York 
  • World Federation of Diamond Bourses 
  • The Jewelers Board of Trade 
  • Jewelry Information Center
  • Jewelers Information Center 
  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee 
  • Gemological Association of Great Britain

The matchmaker of the industry

The Diamond Registry connects you instantly to hundreds of diamond suppliers — its own membership network of participating cutters and importers both located in the United States and worldwide. The Diamond Registry created and controls the earliest, most extensive worldwide database of diamonds and diamond prices available for both the purchase and sales of diamonds. In its role as the link between the numerous manufacturers and traders in the diamond world, The Diamond Registry has become known as the "matchmaker" of the industry.

Welcome to the most comprehensive website for the Diamond Trade.


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