INTERESTING: World’s most expensive gemstones
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INTERESTING: World’s most expensive gemstones

Find out which colored diamonds or gemstones belongs to most expensive ones in the world?

In the world we have all kind of glittering rare gemstones that are record breakers when they are sold at jewelry auctions. For every gemstone category there is one that holds the record of most expensive gemstone in their category. Want to find out the record holders for ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, pink diamond, blue diamond and colorless diamond? Read further…


The Record holders in their category

Sunrise  Ruby diamond ringRuby £19.6 million

The record holder for the ruby is the Sunrise Ruby which was sold in at the Sotheby’s in May 2015 for £19.6 million. The Sunrise Ruby is a 25.59 carat Burmese pigeon blood red ruby. It is mounted by a famous jewelry brand and broke the world record by getting sold for triple the price of the previous record holder.




Sapphire £11.52 million

Blue Belle is record holder for the sapphires. The Blue Belle is an Asia cushion shaped Ceylon sapphire mounted in a necklace with colorless diamonds. This 392.52 carat blue sapphire, which is the forming part of a diamond tassel necklace, surpassed all estimations at Christie’s auction in November 2014 by getting sold for the £11.52 million. Read more

Spinel £962.500

The spinel, which is a less loved traditional stone, has recently gained a lot of attention due to the selling of the Hope Spinel. The so-called “Hope Spinel” which is the record holder for the spinels sold at Bonhams in September 2015 for £962.500. The “Hope Spinel” got its name by being one of the jewelry pieces in the famous Hope collection.

Emerald £43 million

Most expensive emerald stone is owned by Elizabeth Taylor and weighs 23.46-carat. The emerald is Colombian and forms the important eye-catching parts of a brooch. This emerald brooch can be attached to a diamond and emerald necklace.


Zoe blue diamond looseBlue diamond £21.6 million

The Zoe Diamond is since November 2014 the most expensive blue diamond. The record breaker is a fancy vivid blue diamond cut into a pear shape.




Pink diamond £52 million/£29 million

This record holding pink diamond has taken up to 20 months to polish into the Pink Star or its other name Pink Dream of 59.60-carat. Sotheby’s gained not only the record for most expensive pink diamond with the Pink Dream but also the highest price for any gem stone sold ever! However, Buyer Isaac Wolf, defaulted on his payment resulting in added this rare piece of nature to the Sotheby’s inventory. Meaning the real record holder is the 24.78-carat diamond, sold for £29 million


Red Diamond £3.4 million

The red diamond sold for a stunning £3.4 million and is the most rare of all colored diamonds since it is the record holder and red diamonds are the most rare among diamonds. Making it no surprise that at Christie’s in Hong Kong it broke record for highest price for a red diamond and price per carat.

Emerald cut 100 carat yellow diamond Yellow diamond £9.2 million

A 100 carat yellow diamond is one of the 5 perfect diamonds to be sold at a auction in the last 25 years. It holds the record by being sold for 9.2 million



Orange loose diamondOrange diamond £23.35 million

Have you ever seen an orange diamond? Well this record holder is a 14.82 fancy vivid orange diamond, which is a very rare size. Colored diamonds are difficult to find and if it does, it will be around 1 carat or less.



Colorless diamond £20 million

Not only colored diamonds have fetched amazing prices also this D Flawless type IIa 118.28 carat brilliant cut diamond has a price what makes you shiver. The diamond is not only one of the most expensive diamonds it is also the biggest diamond ever sold at an auction house.



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